Episode 4 - High School Hijinks

Jes and Erin discuss Travolta's Grease and Cage's Valley Girl and the odd ways teen culture is portrayed in film. Also, masculinity is often defined by fighting, cars and sports. Weird!

This episode is brought to you by Valley Grease. Valley Grease! We’re here… for your hair.

Thanks Jeff Neckers for your designs and Jon Crosswhite for your jams! Also, thanks John Travolta and Nicolas Cage.

Episode 3 - Stealing from the USA

Jes and Erin talk about Travolta's Broken Arrow and Cage's National Treasure. They also draw some comparisons between Broken Arrow and a previously reviewed film, Cage's The Rock.

Special thanks to Jeff Neckers for design and troubleshooting, Jon Crosswhite for the music, and John Travolta and Nicolas Cage for the acting.

This episode of the podcast is brought to you by CrewRecruiter. CrewRecruiter… get it together.

Episode 1 - Urban Terrorism Averted

Erin and Jes embark on their first official episode, pitting Travolta's From Paris with Love against Cage's The Rock. Spoiler Alert: Most plots and themes of these stories will be revealed. Give these movies a watch before you listen and get ready for some commentary on explosions.

Special thanks to Jeff Neckers for troubleshooting, Jonathan Crosswhite for the tunes, and of course John Travolta and Nicolas Cage for all the acting.