Living in a State of "What if?"

Working less (for actual currency, but I'm still working a lot!) has given me a bit more time to process life. I'm currently feeling a bit despondent and pathetic (one of my most natural states) in spite of the fact that I can SEE that so many cool things are happening in my life. 

  • I'm volunteering for Brand New Congress. It's SO REFRESHING AND INSPIRING TO WORK WITH LIKEMINDED PEOPLE!!!!
  • I intern at a comedy theater with lovely comedians who ARE ALSO LIKEMINDED!!!
  • I've been able to live in Hollywood at no additional cost to me. I'm thankful for the generosity of other people. 
  • I wrote my first spec script (Adventure Time). It may not be great, but daaaaannnngg, it's finished. 
  • I'm generally feeling inspired. 
  • I'm finally sticking to the Autoimmune Protocol and I FEEL BETTER. MY BODY FEELS BETTER. 

I've considered quite a bit why the current life I lead works for me. Something about the way things were going before wasn't working. I was doing improv (which I loved), and I was good at my job (teaching), but I didn't feel optimistic about anything. I think my life right now has more possibility and that fuels me. 

Possibility isn't completely realistic or actual. 

But it's possible, man. It's possible that Brand New Congress could put new blood in Congress by 2018 and do crazy things like create 100% Clean Energy in America by 2028. It's possible that I could win Nickelodeon's Writer's Fellowship with my spec script. It's possible that I could heal my autoimmune disease solely with the food I ingest (I hope I hope I hope!). 

In improvland* we like to ask the question, "if this is true, what else is true?" In my life right now, I'm asking something more like, "what if this could be true?"


*Improvland is any place where overly imaginative adults stand on a stage and make things up. Prompted by a one word suggestion from an audience member, the made up events often include but are not limited to pineapples, parent-child relationships, romantic relationships, and Christopher Walken impersonations.